Experience the wild raw beauty of the Arctic Ocean on this one-of-a-kind expedition cruise onboard Ocean Albatros. Venture off the edge of the map into the icy Arctic Ocean - the home of the King of the Arctic, the mighty polar bear.

Join a new and exciting voyage onboard Ocean Albatros, exploring the northernmost region of planet Earth - the Arctic Ocean. Departing from the world's northernmost town, Longyearbyen, this unique voyage will visit the northern region of the fascinating archipelago of Svalbard, before spending two full days exploring the frozen wilderness of the pack ice. The nurtient-rich waters of the northern Barents Sea nourish a plethora of wildlife, much of which can be found in the Arctic pack ice and nowhere else. 

Our unique ice-strengthened vessel is the ideal platform from which to explore this icy seascape, offering the best possible views over the ever-shifting ice which stretches from Svalbard to Siberia and Alaska, far beyond the North Pole. Navigating these ethereal white ice floes is a challenge even for even the most skilled seafarers, however our talented Captain, Bridge Team and Expedition Leader will artfully exploit the leads and cracks in the ice, endevouring to explore as much of this unearthly realm as possible. Embark on the adventure of lifetime aboard Ocean Albatros for a truly unique take on the traditional Svalbard expedition cruise. 

Facts about Polar Bear Express - Into the Ice
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