What to expect when traveling with Albatros Expeditions

The program: Our voyages are intricately designed to engage your heart, mind and spirit through the duration of the journey. For this reason, each program includes full, active days, whether through Zodiac excursions and landings in the different locations, or through activities such as kayaking, hiking and snowshoeing among others… as well as onboard activities while at sea, such as lectures, workshops and wildlife spotting.

The staff: Our expedition cruise team consists of expedition leaders and staff, biologists and professionals who have extensive knowledge of Polar Regions and a passion for exploration, and who speak several languages and are eager to assist you during each adventure.

The ship: Our small expedition ships have a distinct advantage over larger, traditional cruise ships -- they can access narrow inlets and sail close to shore, in-between icebergs and into remote waters, permitting us to disembark quickly via our fleet of Zodiac watercraft and access amazing sites with greater speed and efficiency.

The route: Please keep in mind, the itinerary and outdoor activities during each voyage are solely dependent on weather conditions to ensure the safety of our guests. The route and shore landings will be determined by the captain and expedition leader and communicated to guests through regularly scheduled briefings. Albatros Expeditions reserves the right to modify the landings and locations visited during a voyage based on weather conditions and climate to ensure a safe and delightful experience for all our guests and staff.

Practical Information about your time on board

How can I prepare for my visit to the polar regions?
Learning basic first aid and CPR before travel is highly recommended, especially to those who will be traveling to remote areas with limited access to assistance.  Previous kayaking experience is also important if you’ll be engaging in outdoor activities with kayaks. You should be able to get in and out of the Zodiacs without much effort, and have good balance and mobility in your knees and legs. Please refer to our ‘what to pack’ segment for instructions on bringing appropriate clothing for the polar regions.

What documents do I need?
A valid national passport is needed. Kindly note that a visa waiver for Denmark not necessarily serves as a waiver for Greenland. For voyages in Antarctica specifically, please contact your local travel agent or visa issuing office.

Will I see midnight sun?
Midnight sun occurs north of the Arctic Polar Circle for different periods of time depending on how far north you are. On our West Greenland voyages, you can experience 24-hour sunlight from end of May to end of July – and on Svalbard for an even longer period. In the weeks before and after this time span, the nights are still fair. Please refer to the practical info segment of each voyage for more specific details about each journey.

- and Northern Lights?
Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights occur all year round, but are only visible in the dark (i.e. from late august).

What rules during landings and excursions in Greenland should I follow?

  1. Please inform the tour guide in case you wish to go ashore by yourself.
  2. Do not enter a house/building, unless you have been specifically invited.
  3. Do not walk alone in uninhabited areas. Always keep in sight of the group, and remember that the weather may change suddenly and thereby reduce visibility considerably.
  4. Keep your distance to animals and birds (minimum 5 metres).
  5. Keep track of time and remember the departure time of the ship. Make sure that your watch matches the time of the ship’s clocks.

Can we see the effect of global warming?
There are few places where the consequences of global warming can be seen as clearly as in the Arctic. In both Greenland and Svalbard, the numerous glaciers have melted many kilometers back through recent years, and the ice surface lowers by many meters each year. However, as more snow is embedded in the central areas of the Greenlandic Icecap, the overall picture is still unclear. The glacier Eqip Sermia north of Ilulissat is one of the places where you can clearly see the retracting glacial front. Eqip Sermia is visited on all our West Greenland voyages.

Climate, weather, terrain, and what to pack

What should I pack?
A cruise along the coasts of the Arctic regions requires warm gloves and shorts – and everything in between! Inland temperatures in may rise to 10-20°C in the sun, while at sea the temperature can go down to 0°C, and wind and waterproof clothing as well as a woolen cap and gloves can be necessary. It is recommendable to bring clothes that can be combined into several layers. A pair of solid shoes is recommended for onboard stay, while hiking boots are better for town visits and nature hikes.

On board Ocean Atlantic there is no dress code, and practical and informal clothing is the standard, but some people do dress up for dinners and on certain occasions.

An important piece of equipment is mosquito repellent and a mosquito net for your face. At sea, mosquitoes will not be a problem, but on shore an encounter with Arctic’s flies and mosquitoes is inevitable in summer time. With the right preparations, it won’t be a problem, though.

Dressing appropriately for severe weather conditions and exercising caution during outdoor activities is advised to all travelers.

Our guests are expected to bring the proper winter wear for outings, but waterproof boots will be provided on loan free of charge during excursions. Our shop is equipped with light jackets, t-shirts and hats, among other items, but please pack all basic items you will be using during your visit.

Is there laundry on board?
There is a limited possibility for day-to-day laundry on Ocean Atlantic. Contact the reception for price and duration.

How much luggage can I bring?
You can bring the usual luggage allowance of c. 20 kg in a suitcase as well as your hand luggage. Should you have more than one suitcase, you might find it convenient to have the reception store one of them for you during the voyage. This will give you more free space in your stateroom.

Nutritional Preferences, food and water:
A menu maintaining the well being of our guests is provided on board. Meals are served at the bright and spacious restaurant on the ship, where spectacular views provide a great atmosphere. The carefully designed menu has been developed in the interest of maintaining a balanced diet during the voyage, while emphasizing on freshness, diversity and delectable choices.

To accommodate different tastes and dietary requirements, dinners always include a meat choice, fish choice and vegetarian choice. A selection of wines and beverages is available also, and the bar is fully equipped with a variety of cocktails, beers, non-alcoholic beverages and water.

Payments, currency, imports and exports:
Credit cards are the main form of currency on vessel + accepted almost everywhere in Arctic. US dollars are also welcome on board. Local currencies can be necessary for small souvenir shops and local products. So bring some Norwegian, Islandic or Danish Kroner, depending on the destination of your chosen voyage.

Health and medications

Medical Facilities & Evacuations
No sophisticated medical facilities are available in the Antarctic. The vessel carries a qualified physician and has a limited infirmary with basic medications and equipment. Passengers are further advised that medical evacuation, if available, is expensive, and we strongly recommend you acquire medical insurance that would reimburse you for this cost. Please note, the locations being traveled in are very remote, and in the areas where Medevacs (Medical Evacuations) are possible, it might take up to 2 days to be reached. In some other areas - such as South Georgia - Medevacs are impossible, as the area is out of the range of helicopters and/or does not have landing strips.

Health requirements
This expedition is therefore intended for persons in reasonably good health. Passengers who are not fit for long trips for any reason, including disability, heart or other health conditions, are advised not to join the tour, as it would entail an unreasonable risk to your health and safety of you and others on the expedition. All guests are required to sign a medical information sheet before boarding, to inform the medical personnel on board about any illnesses, allergies or conditions to be kept in mind during the voyage.

Research supplemental travel health insurance and medical evacuation insurance, and consider taking additional prescription medicine in case of delays.

Will I get seasickness?
We aim to have as many days as possible with calm waters in fjords and inside passages. Still, heavy sea may occur on some of our voyages. Seasickness patches (for example Scopoderm) may provide some or full relief. Otherwise seasickness pills might work. Kindly bring these medication from home.

Routine vaccinations are recommended for all travelers.

Hepatitis A and B shots are recommended for those who will be visiting villages, rural areas, or who will be exposed to blood or other body fluids. Rabies shots are recommended for those traveling outdoors or with occupational risks such as wildlife professionals and researchers.

Mosquito Repellent
Use of an appropriate insect repellent is recommended as a precaution against bug bites, ideally with 20% or more concentration of DEET, Picaridin, OLE, PMD or IR3535. It is recommended to use sunscreen first, mosquito repellent after, when visiting Arctic regions such as Greenland and Iceland.

The regulations that apply to the import of medicines between the Schengen countries also apply to Greenland.

Ordinary medicines such as headache pills, arthritis medication, cough mixture etc. for personal consumption can be freely brought in by travelers.

However, medicines containing euphoriants or other psychoactive drug which tends to induce euphoria, may only be brought in by travelers if a certificate is obtained in advance from the pharmacy that handles the prescription.

A prescription is required for each drug individually, and the certificate is valid for a maximum of 30 days. Certificates can also be obtained for drugs that have already been purchased.

The certificate is free, and you must take the original copy with you on your journey.

Travel Insurance

It is mandatory for guests travelling with Albatros Expeditions to take out appropriate travel insurance before leaving their home country. The guests must ensure that their purchased insurance covers for cruise traveling in polar regions, and has a repatriation coverage of no less than 200,000 USD per person.  You must have proof of insurance onboard with you and produce it if requested. 

Your personal data and our privacy policy

Your personal information belongs to you and it is important for Albatros Expeditions to protect what you share with us. The purpose of Albatros Expeditions' personal data policy is to explain in a concise and transparent way how we collect, transfer, use and protect your personal information. Albatros Expeditions has a clear ambition of minimizing the distribution of your personal information and creating a high degree of transparency in relation to this information. 

Albatros Expeditions voyages are staffed with English-speaking expedition personnel with extensive experience in the areas being visited. The expedition staff has the task of guiding you through your journey and helping along the way. In order to do this, we typically provide information about name, date and time of arrival and departure, and special requests for the transfer or the excursion, including ordering of special menus and, if applicable, special assistance requirements due to disability or illness.

Contacting Albatros Expeditions for media inquiries, influencer opportunities, and other media/press related requests

We value our journalists and media collaborations, and always look forward to your questions, interview requests and other possibilities of informing the public of our services. If you are interested in an interview or require press information, please click here.
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Please note that due to the volume of applications we receive, Albatros Expeditions does not respond to every inquiry or provide status updates. You can expect to receive a response between 12-15 working days by one of our staff members. However, if we see that your application is a good fit for one of our upcoming projects, we will be contacting you directly to the email you provide on the application.

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Are the ships wheelchair accessible?

Albatros Expeditions welcomes disabled guests; however, guests must realize that there are inherent risks associated with traveling on board ships that are unique to expedition cruise travel. It is vital that the guest notifies the agent (in writing) at the time of booking!

Guests needing any form of assistance, and those who are physically disabled must be accompanied by someone who will take full responsibility for any needed assistance during the cruise and in the event of an emergency.

Moreover, guests requiring a wheelchair must provide their own collapsible wheelchair. Please be aware that some ports of call, shore excursions, docks, gangways and other requirements may preclude a wheelchair-bound guest from leaving the vessel; that decision will be made by the Expedition Leader or ship’s captain and is binding.

Albatros Expeditions operates, at present, two expedition vessels, the Ocean Victory and the Ocean Atlantic. Our new vessel, the Ocean Victory has two cabins available to guests requiring wheelchair access. Unfortunately, our second vessel, Ocean Atlantic is not practical for wheelchairs. This is due to limitations in the design of Ocean Atlantic.

In 2023 Albatros Expeditions will launch the sister-ship to the Ocean Victory, the Ocean Albatros. This new vessel will have the same features, enabling disabled guests to participate in a Polar cruising adventure.