Explore our expedition voyages to the Antarctic region, all designed to engage your heart, mind, and spirit through the duration of the journey.

Antarctica, the southernmost continent, is the South Pole's geographical location, situated almost entirely south of the Antarctic circle. It is a practically uninhabited, ice-covered landmass, almost twice the size of Australia. 

The name "Antarctica" originates from the Middle French "antartique" - opposite to the Arctic and the Latin "antarcticus" - opposite to the north.

Our cruises are visiting the Antarctic Peninsula, the northernmost part of mainland Antarctica, stretching toward South America.

14.2 million km²
1,000 to 5,000 people (seasonal)
Did you know...
that Antarctica holds 60-90% of the world’s fresh water in the largest ice sheet on Earth, covering about 14million km²?
that if you Stand on the South Pole, the southernmost point on Earth, then every direction you look is the North?