Albatros Expeditions

Exploring the seven seas since 1994


Follow in the footsteps of the great Arctic and Antarctic explorers. Sail to some of the most remote settlements, experience calming glaciers and rare wildlife.

We bring you to some of the most remote corners of the world. Be awed by the thousands of glittering icebergs in the UNESCO-listed Ice Fjord in Ilulissat. Feel incredibly small while standing on the Greenland Ice Sheet, the second-oldest ice mass in the world. Feel the magic of Iceland's dramatic lava landscapes. Spot a multitude of arctic wildlife in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. Surround yourself with thousands of Antarctica’s lively penguins, elegantly waddling and nesting in their well-tailored tuxedos. Our small vessels enable access to some of the Polar Region’s most beautiful areas.

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We are amazed by the grandeur of Mother Nature’s last great, untamed wilderness. Antarctica's beauty exceeds everything imaginable.


The vast thousand-year-old ice sheet, endless ice and snow, northern lights and the diverse arctic wildlife are the main draws of this magnificent land. Come and see for yourselves!


Dramatic fjords, magnificent mountains, gigantic glaciers, colourful coastlines dotted with traditional wooden huts. Norway's stunning landscapes are one of the most beautiful in the world.


Grand glaciers, lava landscapes, black beaches, gushing geysers. The list is long and once you’ve been to Iceland, you leave hungering for more.