Albatros Expeditions is part of the family- owned Albatros Travel Group, established in 1986 by Søren Rasmussen, a biologist and expedition leader. Stemming from a passion for remote regions, the travel group now operates globally, covering destinations from Greenland to Africa and the polar regions. With our state-of-the-art eco-conscious vessels, we offer sustainable small ship expeditions, inspired by our Nordic heritage. We are explorers ourselves, and since 1986 we have created life changing memories for our guests while offering unbeatable value. Our guests, staff and crew are welcomed to our family.

Unbeatable Value

Experience affordable luxury with our expeditions, where top-notch quality meets competitive pricing without compromising on the core expedition product. Our cutting-edge ships blend innovation and comfort, featuring revolutionary designs like the X-bow, hydraulic observation platforms, balconies, jacuzzis, and panoramic saunas. We elevate expeditions with premium adventures, maximizing landing opportunities, optional activities, and engaging photography and educational programs. Embracing a Scandi-Cool ethos, we deliver authentic, unpretentious Scandinavian quality for a genuine and unforgettable journey that redefines the expedition experience.


We are Explorers ourselves

Led by our owner, Søren Rasmussen, a distinguished biologist, expedition leader, and acclaimed author, our team embodies expertise in evolution, nature conservation, and foreign cultures. Comprising seasoned explorers with a shared dedication to unique global experiences, we ensure every journey is extraordinary. Prioritizing safety, our commitment to immersive exploration involves landings, zodiac cruises, and cultural connections. Additionally, we leverage the global know-how of our sister companies within the Albatros Travel Group, providing a deep well of knowledge in destinations like Greenland, Africa, and beyond.



Life-changing memories

With an impressive NPS score of 87 and a Trustpilot rating of 4.4, we prioritize customer satisfaction, exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional experiences onboard. The Ocean Victory and Ocean Albatros stand out for their modernity, cleanliness, and amenities, offering a floating home that enhances every journey moment. Our 186-passenger capacity ensures a secure yet intimate experience with a 1:8 guide-to-guest ratio, creating a family-like atmosphere. Solo travellers find a welcoming community, while our expeditions go beyond exploration, incorporating education with knowledgeable and friendly staff bringing the wonders of the world to life. 


Welcome to our family

As a family-owned company, we are deeply rooted in strong family values and culture, providing a clear sense of purpose. Our long-term perspective guides strategic choices prioritizing sustained growth and prosperity over quick wins, driven by a passion extending beyond financial gains. With a streamlined approach, we exhibit unparalleled flexibility and adaptability, swiftly responding to market shifts and evolving customer needs. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in our handpicked staff, creating a familiar and welcoming atmosphere onboard, where guests feel like part of the family. Beyond colleagues, we form a supportive community that infuses joy into work, turning it into a shared experience where creativity and ideas flourish.


Our Nordic Heritage

"Our Nordic Heritage - Hygge Cruising" encapsulates the essence of affordable luxury through minimalist yet meticulous Scandinavian design, focusing on functionality and quality to deliver enduring value. Embracing sustainability, our commitment extends beyond eco-friendly materials to cooperation with local communities, minimizing waste, reducing our carbon footprint, and contributing to the circular economy of tourism. The Nordic Food Experience, characterized by fresh and healthy cuisine, is complemented by a hygge atmosphere, fostering a friendly and casual onboard environment where connections are effortlessly made. As Greenland experts and born explorers like our Nordic ancestors, we offer unrivaled cruise and land programs, inviting travellers to chart new territories together in the spirit of adventure that defines our Nordic heritage.

Sustainability at our core 

With a heritage dating back to 1995, Albatros is a pioneer in sustainable travel, earning recognition for our commitment to responsible exploration. As proud supporters of the UN Global Compact, we integrate global sustainability goals into our local impact, ensuring positive contributions to the communities we engage with. Setting new environmental standards, our fleet features vessels with among the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per guest, Clean Ship certification, and Tier 3 compliant engines. From bio-degradable laundry chemicals to charity programs, we prioritize sustainability in every onboard detail, eliminating single-use plastics and offering eco-friendly alternatives. Our commitment extends to ethical choices throughout our operations, from fair-trade organic coffees to jackets made from reused/recycled materials, all with the belief that responsible choices lead to a more sustainable future.

State of the Art Vessels 

Our cutting-edge expedition vessels, the Ocean Victory and Ocean Albatros,  redefine the industry with advanced technology, including 1A Highest Ice Class, Zero-speed stabilizers, dynamic positioning, and multiple zodiac loading locations. Offering unparalleled comfort and environmental consciousness, these ships feature the X-Bow for stability, specialty restaurants, jacuzzis, spa, and gym facilities. Leading in sustainability, they boast Tier 3 compliant engines, exclusive use of Marine Gas Oil, a compact design for minimal emissions, and 2 electro engines. Solo travellers find a friendly environment with dedicated single rooms and share options, fostering camaraderie. These cutting-edge vessels provide captivating moments, from relaxing in jacuzzis overlooking polar waters to intimate encounters with whales on hydraulic platforms, creating Instagram-worthy memories amid stunning natural beauty.

Facts about Our values and mission