Glide through the waters and take in the royal grace of the icebergs, see the varied birds and seals, and maybe even the whales in their natural habitat under the supervision of experienced kayak guides, who will ensure your safety during each outing.

Exercise your body while engaging your mind and heart in an unforgettable outing, safely guided by Kayak masters throughout the journey. Kayaking activities available on both Arctic and Antarctic voyages.

Although kayaking opportunities are possible in most locations during each excursion in the Antarctic region, weather, sea and ice conditions will dictate the when and where to ensure your safety and improve your experience.

In order to sign up for this activity you need to have previous kayaking experience and attend a mandatory safety briefing by the Kayak Master.

Kayaking is offered on all ships and all trips* if conditions allow.

In our Antarctica based trips we expect to have 2-4 outings per voyage, whilst on our Arctic based trips it will be less. If there are more signups than we have spaces, we employ an onboard lottery system to draw participants.

*Excluding our South American, Mid-Atlantic and most European voyages

Facts about Kayaking