Our primary focus is knowledge, and we apply this to every aspect of a journey. From the staff that forms our expedition team, to the routes our ship follows, and of course, the program onboard.

This allows us to provide comprehensive voyages, for our guests to not only enjoy breathtaking landscapes and amazing wildlife, but to also get a better understanding of each location and everything they see; From the flora and fauna they come upon during each landing, to the culture and history of each place being visited. This adds to the overall experience, and becomes a memory our guests will cherish back home. 

A great constituent of this educational program is that by inviting experts in their field to share their knowledge with us, we ensure that our guests also acquire a deeper appreciation of the world they are encountering, and therefore, a clearer understanding of what actions can be taken by all of us to protect the environment and treat our planet with consciousness and compassion. There will always be a historian, a biologist or zoologist, a glaciologist or geologist and an ornithologist on board to help increase the guests’ knowledge.In addition to the lectures, the experts are also on deck during certain times to share their knowledge and passion with the guests. 

In the evenings, we may also have bar talks, which are a more informal setting where a topic is brought up. Here the experts tell about a topic which is then followed by Q&A. Last but not least, during the daily briefings there are short presentations of a subject which is relevant to the program next day or perhaps about something that was experienced during the day. 

Facts about Lectures