The opportunity to simply set foot on the Polar regions is a great experience, but to walk amid its white emptiness on a mini expedition is truly an unbeatable adventure. 

Few people venture onto the ice sheet, yet so much more awaits only a little deeper within, where a great ice landscape unfolds! On this excursion, you can wander among the hills and valleys, and eventually find yourself surrounded by crystal blue streams, rivers, waterfalls and lakes - all formed by melt water from the ice.

Equipped with crampons and hiking poles, walking across the ice sheet is still a bit more challenging than trekking across hilly terrain, but you will manage the technique after a little instruction from our guides. Hiking on the ice sheet is no more challenging than trekking across hilly terrain and all levels of experience are welcome to join. With 500 meters of ancient ice compacted beneath our feet, we will wander through the arctic desert in pursuit of the ideal spot to enjoy lunch. Here, the drinking water comes directly from the glacial lake!

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