This voyage is the perfect chance to experience the Arctic region's early summer splendour. Witness magnificent scenery and spectacular nature on some of the northernmost islands of planet Earth.

Arrive in the vibrant Icelandic capital Reykjavík, and embark Ocean Albatros for an expedition voyage like no other. This unique voyage plans to visit three of the Arctic's most spectacular islands, on an odyssey through the North Atlantic to the high Arctic. Departing from the subpolar metropolis of Reykjavík, we will venture towards the tiny traditional village of Siglufjörður, and land on Grímsey, Iceland's northernmost island, straddling the Arctic Circle. 

From Iceland we venture into the unknown, heading for the enigmatic isle of Jan Mayen, Earth's northernmost volcano and one of the most isolated and spectacular islands anywhere in the world. This island is home to vast numbers of seabirds, and is an excellent place to spot whales, which like us, are migrating northwards. From Jan Mayen, we will set a course for Svalbard, following the migrating birds which come to nest on this isolated high Arctic archipelago. This far north, the sun never sets, and life moves at a frenetic rhythm as wildlife feed and raise their young on summer's brief bounty. Seabirds, seals, walrus and reindeer are just some of the wildlife we hope to find in this high Arctic paradise - maybe even a glimpse of the polar bear, King of the Arctic. With five days to explore this breathtaking Arctic archipelago, we will have ample time to experience the fascinating history of Svalbard, witness jaw-dropping mountains, fjords and glaciers, and get up close and personal with polar nature. 

There are few wilder, more magnificent and untouched places than the Arctic islands of the North Atlantic! And few ships better suited than Ocean Albatros for such a voyage. Experience with us! 



Facts about North Atlantic Expedition, a True Arctic Adventure
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