Excursion package. Available for the "North Atlantic Expedition: A True Arctic Adventure" voyage. The excursions must be pre-booked. (Depending on availability, you may be able to book onboard.)

Hooray for herring! The small port town of Siglufjörður on the north coast of Iceland is synonymous with the herring fishing industry. Fish from this small town was once exported worldwide, and the residnents of Siglufjörður are justifiably proud of their fishy heritage! Visit the town’s Herring Era Museum and experience the large theatrical performance showing old traditional working methods, accordion-music (once used as a rhythmic work tune), singing and dancing. Access to the museum, a taste of herring and Icelandic Brennivín spirit (also known as the Black Death!) is included in this experience.

Duration: 2h

Facts about Siglufjörður Herring Experience