Sail into extraordinary on Albatros Expeditions' most comprehensive Greenland itinerary ever. Voyage to east, south, west and north Greenland and experience everything this amazing country has to offer!

Join Albatros Expeditions on our most immersive voyage ever to Greenland. Covering over 3000 nautical miles and visiting every region of this vast country, this voyage stretches from the wild coasts of East Greenland, to the fertile Viking farmsteads of South Greenland, the bustling cities of the West coast, and the iceberg studded seas of Disko Bay. 

This voyage begins in the hip Icelandic capital of Reykjavik before sailing across the Denmark Strait towards Earth's largest island. Our first destinations are on the rugged shores of East Greenland, an ancient land steeped in mythology and ancient Inuit tradition. Here we will experience Tunumiit culture in the bustling towns of Tasiilaq and Kuummiut, learn about Greenland's fascinating wartime history at Ikateq, and witness the icy majesty of Sermilikfjord, one of Greenland's most spectacular sights. From here, we will chart a course for the glassy waters and perfect silence of Skjoldungen Fjord on Greenland's southeast coast, after which we will sail through the magnificent strait of Prins Kristiansund, the glacier-lined channel separating Kap Farvel (Greenland's southernmost point) from the mainland, before venturing deep into the fjords of South Greenland. Here we will visit some of the remnants of Norse civilisation in Greenland, including the former Bishop's Palace at Garðar, and Erik the Red's farm at Qassiarsuk. 

From South Greenland, we will venture into Greenland's (relatively) well-populated west coast, visiting the country's capital city of Nuuk - a mixture of skyscrapers and wooden houses, world-class museums, boutique shopping and authentic Greenlandic culture. Continuing along the west coast we will visit the village of Kangaamiut and the spectacular glaciers of nearby Evighedsfjorden. Next up is the cold-war era airport town of Kangerlussuaq, and Greenland's second city of Sisimiut, a cultural, economic and artistic hub. 

Next we venture into the iceberg-studded waters of Disko Bay, visiting the sweeping mountains of Qeqertarsuaq, the Greenlandic Riviera of Uummannaq, and the active calving glacier Eqip Sermia, before arriving at Greenland's most spectacular attraction, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Icefjord. From here we will experience rural village life in the tiny settlement of Itilleq before ending in Kangerlussuaq. 

With more destinations than any of our Greenlandic cruises, experience Greenland with the experts. Experience with us. 

Please note that this voyage is also available in segments: In the Wake of Eric the Red and Disko Bay.

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