Join us on an expedition cruise from Reykjavík to Kangerlussuaq, which follows the same maritime course set by Norse settlers over a thousand years ago.

Join us on a thrilling expedition cruise from Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq, following the same maritime course set by Norse settlers over a thousand years ago. While the spectacular scenery of this region remains unchanged, our purpose-built expedition ship offers significantly more comfort and style than a Viking longship! Our first destination is the spectacular east coast of Greenland, where we will experience the charming silence and breathtaking scenery of the undisturbed Skjoldungen Fjord. 

From here we will sail through the magnificent strait of Prins Christians Dund, a glacier-lined channel separating Kap Farvel (Greenland's southernmost point) from the mainland.  We will venture deep into the fjords of South Greenland to visit the ancient remains of Brattahlíð, Erik the Red's former farmstead in the small farming village of Qassiarsuk. The lush green fields and rolling hills of South Greenland make it easy to see why the Norse gave the island the name it bears to this day - and why the Norse chose to settle in this green paradise.

Following the magnificent coastline of Earth's largest island, we will visit Nuuk, one of the smallest (but no less perfect) world capitals. With everything you would expect from a capital city, including skyscrapers, exceptional museums and boutique shopping, Nuuk still has a strong Greenlandic vibe; tiny traditional wooden houses sit in the shadow of glassy towers, and locals buy seal and whale meat at the city market.

From Nuuk we will chart a course for Disko Bay in North Greenland, a region synonymous with astounding natural beauty. We will experience local Inuit culture in Qeqertarsuaq, a colourful town situated beneath sweeping basalt mountains, and sail to the renowned Eqip Sermia Glacier, one of the most active calving glaciers in the Arctic. From Eqip Sermia we will sail to the city of Ilulissat, one of Greenland's most exciting towns, and the site of the mind-boggling UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Icefjord, where city-sized icebergs drift into the ocean just a short easy walk from this bustling little city.

Join us onboard Ocean Albatros for an enriching experience combining Nordic and Inuit culture and the natural wonders of the Arctic!

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