The Ice Sheet Is one of Greenland’s biggest attractions. It covers 80% of the surface of the country, but the size of this mass of ice is reduced every year, because it melts more than it rebuilds. Our destination is a place we call Reindeer Glacier, which stands tall like an ice wall – in some places up to 60 meters high – displaying a clear contrast between land and ice.

The name Reindeer Glacier, comes from the frequent sightings of reindeer here, but even without the presence of the animals, this location is a world-class spectacle, with a myriad of motives for the camera and calmness that brings to our thoughts nature’s pristine, immaculate beauty. Our journey to one of the area’s most remarkable glaciers requires transport via a tundra coach, a 4WD vehicle, which is designed to take on the rocky, changeable terrain and gravel roads. Along the way, keep your eyes open for the wildlife that resides in the area, namely reindeer and musk oxen, while you let your mind wander while listening to the history and stories of the area narrated by our guide.

During the warm summer months, glacial thinning and instability within the colossal walls of ice happens more often. These structures can calve and break suddenly; therefore, it is important to maintain a safe distance from the ice giants. After approx. 90 minutes of driving, we will reach the resplendent Reindeer Glacier, where one can walk parallel to the glacier edge up from the waterfall, and there is the opportunity to photograph the scenery from many different good angles, or just enjoy the greatness and silence, interrupted only by the roaring sound of the melting ice water.

The area where we spend most of the time is equipped with about twenty benches with tables and primitive but practical mobile toilets for those in need. After an appropriate amount of time in front of the fascinating glacier, we leave the unique nature as it was when we got to it: Untouched, magnificent and unforgettable.

Available for: Voyages that either start or end in Kangerlussuaq, depending on flights
This excursion need to be preordered.

Approx. 5 hours

NB. Some iterations of this excursion includes a BBQ lunch at the Roklubben restaurant, it will be clear in your specific booking.

Facts about Trip to the Reindeer Glacier, Kangerlussuaq
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