Join our 13-day Antarctica Explorer voyage, our lengthiest Antarctica-only cruise, where we will discover the stunning scenery, glacier-clad peaks, and extraordinary wildlife of the Great White Continent. This expeditionary escapade promises to be one-of-a-kind, as we will have no predetermined schedule - a genuine exploratory expedition, experiencing Antarctica as it was meant to be!

Prepare for the ultimate Antarctic adventure on board Ocean Albatros, one of the world's most technologically advanced expedition vessels! After navigating the serene Beagle Channel, the real adventure begins as we enter the infamous Drake Passage, where the frigid Antarctic meets the warmer waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Brace yourself for a challenging yet exhilarating journey as we cross this infamous body of water, but fear not! Our purpose-built vessel is equipped with stabilizers, powerful engines, and the patented reclining X-Bow, which provides comfort and stability in rough seas while boasting very low fuel consumption. The most spirited sailors consider crossing the Drake Passage a lifetime achievement - and you will complete the crossing twice! And as we sail through these nutrient-rich waters, get ready to marvel at the abundance of seabirds, albatrosses, and whales we may pass.

As we weave through the South Shetland Islands, a glittering chain of ice-covered islands and dormant volcanoes, keep your eyes peeled for whales, sea lions, elephant seals, and an incredible amount of seabirds and penguins. Our expedition will include numerous Zodiac excursions and landings, allowing us to explore these magnificent lands up close.

But that's just the beginning! We'll continue onward to the awe-inspiring beauty and peaceful silence of the Antarctic Peninsula itself. This voyage has no set itinerary beyond the aim to reach the Circle - however, we always aim to visit locations which showcase the best of Antarctica; wildlife sightings and weather conditions will decide the exact sites we visit as we move with the rhythms of nature; perhaps a well known penguin colony will draw us west, and whale and seal sightings will draw us back again! Wherever the whims of Mother Nature take us, jaw-dropping scenery and landscapes are guaranteed! We could journey to the mighty tabular icebergs of the Weddell Sea, explore the seldom-visited lands south of the Antarctic Circle, or even visit manned research stations in the most isolated places on Earth. One thing's for sure – we'll encounter fantastic wildlife and embark on a real adventure.

With an extra two days to explore compared to our Classic Antarctic voyages, you will have even more time to experience the majesty of the White Continent. Dense pack ice forbids many ordinary vessels from reach too far south, but with a PC6/1A ice rating, Ocean Albatros can access areas off-limits for most ships to explore deeper and experience more of Earth's last frontier. With an average occupancy of 175 guests aboard Ocean Albatros, our cruises offer a unique experience for the brave few.

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!



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