The small settlement of Kangerlussuaq is home to about 500 residents (less than 1% of Greenland’s entire population), yet over thousands of years, the residents of Kangerlussuaq have played a significant role in Greenland’s history and global contributions.

Present-day Kangerlussuaq was first established in 1941 as an American-operated military base. When the military base became inactive, the facilities were re-purposed into Greenland’s international airport. This increased accessibility created an upsurge in Kangerlussuaq’s popularity among nature lovers, researchers and adventurous spirits. Filled with wanderlust, they arrive to Kangerlussuaq inspired by its unique surroundings and culture, determined to partake in unique experiences, such as witnessing the northern lights and hiking along one of the world’s only two ice sheets. 

On this sightseeing excursion, we will hear fascinating stories about the earliest populations of ancient Kangerlussuaq and fast forward though the settlement’s significance during World War II, the Korean and Cold Wars, and today.

One of Greenland’s most extensive road networks surrounds Kangerlussuaq, providing us with access to several interesting landmarks, including panoramic vistas from the harbor overlooking Kangerlussuaq Fjord, the researchers’ community of Kellyville and the old military facilities.

In between our itinerary stops, we will witness Greenland’s amazing nature and hear about its unique floras and wildlife.

This excursion will also provide you with greater insight into Greenlandic culture and the community’s unique ways of adapting to life in the Arctic. Your guide will surely share stories about the local culture, and the enormous pride Kangerlussuaq’s locals feel for their home.

Available for all Greenland voyages that start or end in Kangerlussuaq.

This excursion needs to be preordered.

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