Welcome to Albatros Expeditions brand new website. Designed during the spring and summer of 2018, this new website has been developed to ensure easy browsing through various devices, user-friendly features and exclusive agent content through our agent log-in zone.


Our goal is to provide easy-to-browse content that is insightful and practical, frequently updated and identity-strong. This is where it all starts, and where we display the results of our projects. This website is our core channel of communication with our online audience, with a special focus on service for our agents.


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Created to visually represent our position as the small-cruise expedition company of Albatros Group, our website concept was designed by Sara Brandt in-house Graphic and Web designer, Elizabeth Torres, CRM Coordinator currently speaking, and Thomas Foss, in-house web developer and all around genius, to facilitate user experience and communication with our agents… but also, to translate our goals of approachability and focus in knowledge to our online image.

With simple color navigation between the different regions we manage, the concept of the expeditions pages is divided so as to easily distinguish both polar regions, new voyages, and tagged to represent the activities that are available in each expedition.

The overview page of ANTARCTICA, as well as of the ARCTIC page, is made to easily display voyages by region, including maps, photos, departures and other relevant information.



Here you can find an overview of the different variations of experiences, and opportunities to explore the different locations we visit… as well as great things to engage your brain and body while onboard the ship.

If you are an avid photographer or love to go out fishing on your free time, or if you’ve always dreamt of seeing the Northern lights… we’ve got just what you've been looking for.



From recent voyage stories to expedition team stories, informational articles, incredible photo galleries by our photographers and guests, interviews and more, here you will find motivation to visit the polar regions with us. 



With approachability and knowledge as our focus, here we introduce you to our Copenhagen team, our expedition team members, and the experts who collaborate with us.



Here you will find the staff that conforms Albatros Expeditions, both in our Copenhagen Headquarters and On Board. An amalgam of knowledge from different regions, whose passion is exploring the world...

and sharing their expertise to ensure that every journey abides to the high standards of quality and service that define Albatros Expeditions.



Ocean Atlantic is the perfect vessel for expedition cruising in Antarctic waters! Her high maneuverability, shallow draft and strong engines allow for extended voyages into isolated fjords, creating exciting adventures for any Antarctica traveler. 


Agent page

Designed with our agents in mind, this log-in area is developed to provide easy, private access to our latest voyages, brochures, availability, reports, and other necessary content such as questionnaires and supplements.

Here, our agents can stay updated on the latest voyages and broader high-resolution content to facilitate their communication with the guests.

Maps and photos can be downloaded on our gallery for you to create your own promotional materials.



From what to expect in the Arctic regions, to the currencies user and how to contact us, all the questions that are frequently asked can be answered in this page, and it is often monitored and updated.


Green initiatives

From collaborations to initiatives and other projects, this page shows us where we want to go. A way to track our progress and maintain our compromise with our planet, our guests, our staff and ourselves to respect and protect the world around us. 



A collaboration between different companies and organizations we support to expand polar education and strengthen environmentally-responsible, friendly and safe tourism in the polar regions.




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