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Total Solar eclipse 2021 exclusive voyages announced
Albatros Expeditions will place both its vessels in the path of absolute visibility
of this phenomenon in Antarctica


Jan 22, 2020, Copenhagen – In search of expedition-worthy adventures to compliment the catalog of polar voyages of Albatros Expeditions, the company is pleased to announce not one but two options for witnessing the second solar eclipse of the decade, accompanied by renown speakers.

On Saturday, December 4, 2021, a total solar eclipse will run over the South Atlantic towards Antarctica. This is a special event as it is the only eclipse of 2021 and there will be no other visible eclipses for the next few years. The best location in the world for witnessing this natural phenomenon is the South of the planet. The eclipse begins early in the morning east of Falkland Islands. From there, the moon shadow speeds south at 10,000 km per hour towards the South Orkney Island and Antarctica. Albatros Expeditions has selected the best possible observation position east of South Orkney, where the sun is 11 degrees above the horizon, where it will place both its vessels, Ocean Atlantic and its newly built Ocean Victory.

The sub-Antarctic islands and Antarctic Peninsula are a nature photographer’s paradise, and the vessels will be doing daily landings before and after the voyage. To provide some in-depth scientific guidance and education on the spectacle of a total sun eclipse, experts of the field have been invited as part of the onboard program of each voyage as follows:

Ocean AtlanticGovert Schilling is a Dutch science journalist who writes about astronomy and space science for newspapers and magazines in the Netherlands and abroad. He is a contributing editor of the USA monthly magazine 'Sky & Telescope'. He is a popular guest on Dutch radio and TV shows to explain the latest discoveries in astronomy, and in the spring of 2019 had his own Dutch TV series 'Govert to the edge of the universe'. He has received various prizes, including the Eureka Prize of the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research NWO, and the David N. Schramm Award of the American Astronomical Society.

Ocean VictoryJamie Carter is an astronomy and travel writer based in Wales, UK, who focuses on solar eclipses, stargazing and nature. He's the editor of, which combines his love of solar eclipses and travel, and has produced several eclipse books and guides with his wife Gill on how, when and where to see total solar eclipses. His articles on astronomy, eclipse-chasing, nature and travel appear in publications and websites around the world, including Forbes Science, Sky & Telescope, the BBC Sky at Night magazine, BBC Wildlife magazine and The Telegraph. He's also the author of the acclaimed "A Stargazing Program for Beginners: A Pocket Field Guide". On December 4, 2021 he will experience his seventh total solar eclipse and will be signing copies of his new book onboard for the guests of Ocean Victory.

Albatros Expeditions will be in place exactly at the center of the eclipse umbra with a luxurious program and knowledgeable team. Managing director Gorm Pedersen adds “We are delighted about the opportunity to have both our vessels offering this unique product. We are able to offer a voyage with a length of 20 days with Ocean Atlantic and a length of 15 days with Ocean Victory. We have seen great interest in this unique event and have sold 60% of the capacity already. We think this will be sold out before the summer of 2020”. To learn more about the voyage please visit:



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