Here's a list of links from recent media appearances in various languages (Antarctic Season, 2019 - 2020)


Vivo 247 - Argentinian Media - Spanish Article


Cruise review publication Quirky Cruise has published an extensive review on our vessels and voyages. Thanks to Heidi Sarna for this article.


The Straits Times, Singapore - Special thanks to the author of this piece, writer and Multimedia Correspondent Ashleigh Sim.


The incredible adventurers who explore the world under the name "The Sunnyside" have made a series of episodes for their German-speaking audience, that show incredible scenery, and more specific things like life onboard.

A recent guest onboard Ocean Atlantic shares her account of what she experienced:


Do you speak Spanish? If so, we invite you to read this article by journalist Valeria Schapira... a recount of her adventure onboard Ocean Atlantic as she celebrated her 50th birthday. Gracias El Clarin, y gracias Valeria!

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