Currently, Ocean Albatros and her sister vessel Ocean Victory are among the world’s most sustainable cruise ships.

There are currently around seven vessels in the world of the same class, where emission of carbon dioxide has been reduced by 60% compared to other ships of a similar same size and guest capacity. The reduction is due to technological improvements in ship-building, which drastically reduce fuel consumption. This is a true reduction, and not simple green-washing.

Previous vessels employed by Albatros Expeditions during cruises in Antarctic waters had an average consumption of around 24 metric tons per day. Our new class of vessels reduces this to between 10 and 12 metric tons per day, while maintaining a capacity of around 200 guests. This dramatic reduction is due to revolutionary advances in shipbuilding, and we hope that these techniques can be implemented throughout the cruise industry.

Ocean Albatros in Svalbard

The vessel’s drive shafts run at a fixed number of rotations per minute, while the vessel’s speed is regulated by the pitch of the propeller blades, thereby avoiding violent changes in acceleration (and therefore fuel consumption). The drive shafts simultaneously drive the ship’s generators which create electricity for the entire vessel, and the excess power is returned to the engines for propulsion, avoiding the energy loss inherent in charging batteries. This process is computer-controlled to optimize consumption second by second.

Ocean Victory

The most visible feature however is the special, inverted  X-Bow, developed by the Norwegian shipyard Ullstein. Designed for rough weather, this unique design allows the vessel to cut through waves, rather than displacing water, drastically reducing drag. Together with the two large Rolls Royce stabilizers which maintain the horizontal plane of the vessel, these unique innovations not only enhance stability and comfort for passengers, but also combine to reduce fuel consumption and therefore carbon emissions.


It is our hope that these, and other innovations in the design of our vessels will be adopted more widely throughout the cruise industry, and the maritime sector in general.

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