Have you always dreamed of visiting the Polar Regions? If you’re toying with the idea of following the steps of the first explorers and finally visiting these remote, spellbinding locations, we’ll help you decide where to go.

Unforgettable landscapes, pristine air conditions, close sightings of Nordic wildlife such as polar bears, arctic foxes and seals, or the opportunity to witness the magnificent beauty of a glacier in all its splendor, are only some of the reasons why someone would dream of visiting the Arctic.

Other reasons to visit, often listed by our guests, include the dream of seeing one of the most remote areas of the world, witnessing the current state of the Nordic regions, its species and wildlife and how they are adapting to the constant changes of the planet, learning about the history and exploring the rich and diverse culture of the North, and of course, seeing the northern lights.

Whatever list of reasons you are considering for visiting the Arctic, here at Albatros Expeditions we are happy to help you design your perfect adventure; our team of experts in the field is often researching and developing its routes, programs and activities, to ensure we provide each of our guests with the dream holiday you will always look back to.

If after browsing the list of voyages on our website you are still not sure which expedition to embark on, don’t worry! We understand this is a colossal decision. For this reason, we invite you to open your heart to wonder and incredible beauty in one of the following possible scenarios in the vast and astonishing Arctic.

Our Arctic expedition cruises touch three fascinating islands: Greenland – an enormous 2,175,600 km² island where 80% is an ice sheet fringed by fjords, Svalbard – an archipelago known for its large population of polar bears, and Iceland – an island of magnificent natural phenomena and Reykjavik’s exciting mini-metropolis.

From whale sightings to bird watching, the arctic wildlife can truly be admired from a sea’s vantage point. Our expedition cruise from Reykjavík to Kangerlussuaq will allow you to experience Iceland’s Geysers, an immensity of impressive land and sea scapes, the ever-present Northern fulmar sea bird… and a multitude of otherwise inaccessible settlements in both Iceland and Greenland, with modern Inuit communities.

If you are anxious about finally witnessing the Northern lights, Greenland is the place to go, especially from September to late October, when the summer recedes and the nights are prolonged.

From around April to August, the summer’s midnight sun bathes Greenland, Svalbard and Iceland in sunlight, increasing the average daily temperatures to a comfortable, crisp temperature. If your journey continues to Oslo or Copenhagen, expect warmer days with a mixture of sunshine, rain and refreshing breezes.
During the short summer, wildlife such as reindeer is busy amassing energy for the icy polar winter. These are excellent months to visit if you enjoy photography and activities such as fishing and hiking.

But is your dream to follow the footsteps of the first explorers and visit the remote North of the world?
Experience high summer in the Arctic with Ocean Atlantic - one of the few ice-class expedition ships built to withstand the North Pole’s pack ice.  Enjoy the immense beauty of Svalbard on this Arctic adventure cruise among whales, walruses, polar bears and millions of sea birds.

We also offer an early summer's cruise from the green islands of Scotland and North Atlantic to the Arctic islands of Jan Mayen and Svalbard. We will go north together with the migrating birds, and hopefully spot polar bears hunting from the sea ice in 24-hours of daylight.

We hope that these pointers have helped you visualize where to set sail to on your next journey. Whichever location you visit will be a remarkable memory you’ll forever cherish, and who knows, maybe keep you coming back for more Arctic experiences.


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