The polar plunge is one of the most beloved activities on a polar adventure during our expedition voyages. Most of our adventure-seeking guests look forward to the Polar Plunge Activity! But what is it exactly?

Since we introduced “The polar plunge” it has become one of the most beloved activities on any polar adventure during our expedition voyages. Plunging into the ice-cold water is a highlight for our thrill-seeking guests.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Who can say they've dived into the freezing Antarctic or Arctic waters? 

If you are one of those daring guests keen to experience what it is like to submerge in the 2-3 celsius waters, you might find yourself volunteering for this free onboard activity. In addition, you will receive a polar plunge certificate to show off and proudly remember your experience.

All you need is your sense of adventure and a few seconds of courage; we will take care of the rest!

At Albatros Expeditions, we make the Polar Plunge a celebration. Our excited participants always queue up in the mudroom before they attempt their dive while all participants, as well as the entire ship, are cheering on, overlooking from the upper decks.

Benefits include a boost to the immune and nervous system, enhanced circulation, and improvements to one's overall mood. And we have never seen anyone coming out of the water without a huge smile on their face and a memorable story to share.

We certainly encourage you to be as creative as possible with your dive attempt; as everyone watching, gives extra cheers for the most outstanding jumps. Make a splash and have fun with it; our appointed camera crew will capture your jump, and you will receive some photos with a spectacular backdrop that you can share with your friends and family!

Is it safe?

Yes, it is! Our Expedition team focuses on the safety of all participants while you leap off the Zodiac's side into the icy water. Don't worry; you are attached to a safety rope, and expedition staff are there to help you at all times. You will only be in the water for a few seconds.

Sometimes the Polar Plunge will not be happening from the ship, but on shore. This means, that you and other guests will be running into the icy waters together, making it a fun and memorable experience together. Doing the Polar Plunge from either ship or shore may be dependent on several factors: weather; timing on sites; forecasted timing within the overall itinerary to maximize voyage experience; etc. Most of the time it is done from the ship, but it is not a guarantee, and it can happen from shore as well.

Curious to see what the experience is like? Check out our Polar Plunge reel here. It will undoubtedly convince you to take the leap and JUMP!

Facts about Polar Plunge