Would you like to experience the ultimate Antarctic expedition adventure, like the true explorers once did?

Join us for a night under the open skies at the Antarctic Peninsula!

What can you expect?
Nothing less than cuddling up in a snug and weatherproof sleeping bag, listening to the sounds of distant whale blows, penguins’ squeaks, shifting icebergs, and calving glaciers.

After dinner onboard the ship, our expedition team will take you to shore, where you will be a part of preparing your camp for the night. 
Once you decide on the location within the set perimeter, you must level out your spot in the snow, fix the base cover, the insulated pad, and your sleeping bag - then get ready for a night like nobody else.

How to sign up?

It is good to know that camping in Antarctica is limited to 30 participants; therefore, to secure your spot, pre-book it with your Travel Agent, or sign up for the waiting list for the activity onboard if there is space left.
After you have secured your spot, all participants must join two mandatory briefings onboard before your one-of-a-lifetime camping experience begins. 

What do we provide?

We at Albatros Expeditions provide you with all the unique camping and bivouac gear for this outing, allowing you to stay warm, dry, and protected for all weather types while you enjoy the beauty of the Antarctic wilderness. For the ultimate camping experience, we use a wind and waterproof yet still breathable bivy bag, allowing you to observe the incredible Antarctic night sky before falling asleep.

Our experienced expedition guides stay in constant radio contact with the ship and ensure you have a safe and unforgettable night! 

Facts about Open Air Camping in the Antarctic