Born, raised and residing in Alaska, Shelli is a master in Sea Kayaking, a Zodiac Driver, Marine Biologist and Polar Naturalist... who has also been a Wilderness Leader since 1997, as well as an Expedition Guide in both Antarctica and the Arctic since 2007.

A woman of many talents, Shelli is also an accomplished artist and published illustrator. Shelli speaks fluent English and Spanish, and can understand Flemish and German. Shelli has participated in many observational studies in Northern Pacific, South Atlantic, Arctic and Antarctic waters as well as several research groups, primarily studying the identification and biology of humpback and gray whales. Her passion for the Polar Regions extends to learning about changing environments, ice, glaciers, and evolving distribution of wildlife. 


About being an Expedition leader and a part of an expedition team:

Being part of an expedition team has two components:
The primary one is to share the experience. We’re so fortunate to work in that kind of environment, that for us sometimes, some places feel like home, like our backyards almost. But for most of our guests it’s often their first time seeing these environments, so to share this with them and to be able to give them educational moments, or just share a sunset… a breathing whale, for example, it’s pretty exquisite. Also to be able to know the history of the place, the biology, the birds, the marine mammals, I really enjoy sharing that knowledge.

The second component is, of course, my coworkers. Because we come from across the world and we all share this passion, some call a disease: The Polar Bug. You thought it was going to be this way only on your first time there working there, but every time you leave you think… when am I coming back again?


About Albatros Expeditions:

Albatros is a new company coming to Antarctica, but they’re not new to doing expeditions throughout the world, so they’re very comfortable with educating our guests, with what’s coming in the near future, what to expect… And the company has a bright outlook on different ways that we can experience the polar environment. You don’t always have to do what the competitors are doing. Sometimes you can just be your own company, and give the best experience possible to all of our guests.


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Facts about Interview with Expedition Leader & Kayak Master: Shelli Ogilvy