Rashidah Lim: Assistant Expedition Leader

A keen interest in learning about different cultures, as well as gaining new experiences, has led Rashidah across the globe and allowed her to connect with people from various parts of the world. She discovered her love for polar regions, and has worked as an expedition guide in the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. Rashidah is trilingual, speaking fluent English, Chinese and Malay. She is positive and sociable, and enjoys meeting new people with a smile.

What’s it like to be an Assistant Expedition Leader?

I think there is a lot of responsibilities, but it’s also great fun working in a such versatile position. By versatile I mean the opportunity to implement the Albatros Expeditions and the Expedition Leader’s concepts into our everyday activities on board the ship. It is also a great chance to interact with fellow expedition team members, as well as with the guests on board.




What’s the best / what’s the most challenging – aspects of being a member of an Expedition team?

The best part is that I get to do what I love and meet so many unique and passionate individuals who come together because of their affection for experiencing and learning about the polar regions, the wildlife, nature, geology, ice or just having an adventure of a lifetime.

The most challenging part is actually managing the guests’ expectations if the weather or ice conditions doesn’t work out.


How is life in the sea onboard our vessel?

There is a lot of work everyday, but also a lot of fun and enjoyment to be working with all the team members and interacting with the guests. The food onboard is great, and the crew service is excellent, so I find it an enjoyable environment to be in.


What makes a good expedition?

When the team has found the right rhythm, when the whims of nature are graceful to us, and all the wildlife shows up as agreed.



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