Preserving Heritage Through Art: Commensalis - The Spirit Tables of South Georgia

At Albatros Expeditions, we are thrilled to extend our deepest appreciation to the South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) for the opportunity to contribute to their landmark artwork project, Commensalis: The Spirit Tables of South Georgia. With a recent donation of USD $24,513, our total support towards Commensalis now amounts to USD $74,419.94. This ongoing partnership allows us to make a meaningful impact on South Georgia's environment and biodiversity, and we are honored to play a role in driving positive change.

Through our continued financial support, Commensalis has made significant progress over the past year. Accompanied by an engineering representative from our partner WSP, renowned artist Michael Visocchi RSA visited South Georgia in February 2023, propelling the project from concept to delivery, fabrication, and installation. We are excited to witness the transformation of Commensalis and its powerful message unfold, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

As part of our commitment to the Commensalis project, Albatros Expeditions is proud to introduce the Commensalis Collective—a unique giving club that brings together individuals and sponsors who share a deep passion for South Georgia's wildlife and environment.

Commensalis Collective:

By joining the Commensalis Collective, members have the extraordinary opportunity to have their names engraved into the slats of the artwork footbridge, symbolizing their enduring support for South Georgia. Only 66 individuals and select sponsors will have their names featured on the bridge, which will be crossed by visitors for over 50 years, creating a lasting legacy.


Membership in the Commensalis Collective comes with exclusive benefits that reflect the depth of our gratitude. All members and sponsors will receive a personalized ornamental stainless steel rivet designed by Commensalis artist Michael Visocchi RSA. The size of the rivet and the level of prominence increase based on the membership tier, ranging from Friend to Patron. Members and sponsors will also have the opportunity to dedicate themselves to a chosen Spirit Table within the artwork, with an allocation of rivets on the selected table.

Premier Patron:

For SGHT esteemed Premier Patrons, we offer additional exclusive benefits, including unique naming recognition. Premier Patrons will enjoy heightened prominence within the project and receive special acknowledgments for their exceptional commitment to conservation.

Launch Party and Online Exposure:

As members of the Commensalis Collective, all participants will be named on the SGHT website, gaining online exposure through digital and print PR campaigns. Moreover, all members will be invited to an exclusive launch party held at a prestigious venue, celebrating our collective impact in preserving South Georgia's natural heritage.

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Facts about Empowering Conservation: Albatros Expeditions and Guests Unite for Project Commensalis