Embark on an exceptional journey from Norway's Arctic capital of Tromsø, and leave Europe behind as you sail to Svalbard, the realm of the polar bear!

Embark on a thrilling journey into the wilds of northern Europe, sailing from mainland Norway to the high Arctic islands of Svalbard.

This exciting voyage begins in the Captial of the Arctic, the Norwegian city of Tromsø. Bathed in the midnight sun throughout the brief Arctic summer, Tromsø is a vibrant metropolis in miniature, and has been the gateway to the Scandinavian Arctic for generations of explorers. Marvel at the city's stunning natural setting nestled deep in the calm fjords of Troms County, explore the city's bustling high street, lined with boutique shops, cozy cafes and historical gems, and explore the city's many monuments and landmarks such as the Arctic Cathedral and the Polar Museum. 

From Tromsø, we will sail to Norway's northernmost point, where we will spend time searching for wildife at the islands of Gjesværstappan, and stand at the end of the European mainland at legendary Nordkapp. Leaving civilisation behind, we will venture even further north to Bjørnøya (Bear Island), a lonely isle between Svalbard and mainland Norway, home to some of the most spectacular bird colonies on Earth. 

Our next stop will be the majestic islands of Svalbard, the kingdom of the polar bear. Experience jaw-dropping natural beauty, keep watch for charismatic Arctic wildlife, and discover the fascinating history of this incredible archipelago. Exploring on land, we will aim to experience the Arctic up close and personal, while our fleet of Zodiacs also allow us to explore on the water. 

During the short summer, wildlife such as reindeer and polar foxes are busy amassing energy for the icy polar winter. The cliffs shimmer with life as every surface is populated with countless birds, and in a few months, a new generation of Arctic sea birds are ready to leave their nests. Arctic guillemots, black guillemots and razorbills can be observed fishing in our ship's wake. On the sandy shores, huge walruses enjoy the short Arctic summer, and many whales and seals forage along the edge of the pack ice and the coasts. 

Join a true Arctic expedition: experience with us! 

Please note that exact landing sites in Svalbard will be determined by wind, sea and ice conditions. 

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