Join a unique voyage from Ushuaia to Montevideo via the wild isles of the South Atlantic! Visit the magnificent Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) and the incredible natural paradise of South Georgia to witness some of Earth's most miraculous wildlife!

Experience some of Earth's most spectacular wildlife destinations on this unique, brand new itinerary by Albatros Expeditions.

From Ushuaia, capital of Tierra del Fuego, Ocean Albatros will set out into the Southern Ocean, aiming for the rugged Falkland Islands. Windswept, treeless and rarely visited, these storied islands are a haven for wildlife, with hundreds of recorded bird species and a huge variety of marine mammals. We will spend two days exploring the wild western isles of the Falklands; teeming with wildlife, we will visit penguin colonies, albatross rookeries, and have excellent opportunities to see seals, whales and dolphins. From here we will head to Stanley, the islands' small but perfectly formed capital. With a distinctly British feel, Stanley is nestled amid rugged hills on the shores of pristine South Atlantic. Have a browse in the city's quaint shops, visit the Historic Dockyard Museum, or enjoy a hearty local welcome in one of the city's pubs. 

Following the Falkland Islands, we venture out even further into the South Atlantic to visit South Georgia. A strip of jagged glacier-clad mountains piercing the brooding sky, South Georgia leaves a mark on every visitor, and it is no mystery why. The shores brim with wildlife, with thousands of King Penguins, elephant seals and Antarctic fur seals. Offshore, the fertile waters support huge numbers of whales, including humpbacks and blue whales. The vast penguin colonies, seal-filled seas and albatross-packed skies have to be seen to be believed, earning this wildlife paradise the nickname 'Galapagos of the South'. 

On our last leg we will enjoy some relaxing tranquil days at sea as we chart a course for Montevideo, the vibrant capital of Uruguay. Watch the mercury rise as we sail into the tropics, and a suite of whales, dolphins and albatross pass by the vessel. One of South America's most distinctive cities, Montevideo offers incredible wine and dining, sunny days on the beach, or the chance to simply relax, sip a yerba mate and soak up the Rioplatense vibe.

Join us for a truly unique adventure off the beaten path in the wildlife paradise of the South Atlantic. Experience with us! 

Facts about Wild Isles of the South Atlantic
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