Snowshoeing is an activity that allows you to hike across soft, powdery snow up gentle slopes to reach to unique vantage points without the hassle of sinking into deep snow. Snowshoeing is as basic as hiking and you do not need to have previous experience.

The snowshoe program is not intended to take place during all landing activities, but rather when the weather, terrain and snow conditions are appropriate. The Snowshoe Master will present an introduction to the snowshoe program and the equipment for all guests with interest, on a workshop before introduction of this activity. This adventure activity will run separate from, though simultaneous to, Zodiac cruising and landing activities. This activity is dependent on suitable snow conditions and appropriate terrain as agreed upon by our expedition team.

The snowshoe program is conducted and supervised by Albatros Expeditions experienced mountain guides who dictate the route based on site guidelines and conditions at the time of each outing.

Snowshoeing is offered on all ships and all trips during the early season departures (Antarctica; November to December) if conditions allow.

Facts about Snowshoeing