Making the planet Green again

An interview with the founders of Greenland Trees

How three climate scientists are leading the way and helping the planet breathe again


We recently welcomed to our office in Copenhagen three very inspiring climate scientists whom we have been collaborating with this past Arctic season, with the idea of this being the beginning of a continuous partnership as part of Albatros Expeditions’ Corporate Social Responsibility.

Jason Box, Faezeh M. Nick and Dirk Van As are the founders of Greenland Trees, the organization that draws down atmospheric CO2 by planting trees in Greenland, restoring a heavily degraded landscape area (that was formerly a military base) and collaborating with local communities to promote awareness and a positive environmental legacy.

Our guests are Greenland nature experts and climate scientists who decided to take matters into their own hands by establishing a carbon drawdown service. They have been planting trees in Greenland for over a decade, but over a year ago realized it was time to go public and expand their efforts… and this is where Albatros Expeditions made the decision of stepping in as a contributor, in hopes of multiplying their success with the support of our guests.

Through fundraising auctions and raffles onboard our vessel, during the Arctic season’s voyages related to Greenland we invite our guests to become a part of this initiative and help making the planet green again.

On this episode of the Ocean Waves Podcast we are honored to introduce our CSR collaboration and ask them some in-depth questions about the reason and purpose behind this project… but not just that. We also tackle controversial questions and ask how this project looks moving forward. It was obligatory to ask, what other ways these three climate experts recommend for all of us to implement a more sustainable lifestyle and take initiatives in giving back to nature.

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Jason Box: A Physical Climatologist who taught environmental science in universities in the US for many years and now works monitoring ice on Greenland. When not doing this, he’s now planting trees as a response to the high carbon footprint researchers usually have. That’s how this project started. 

Dirk Van As: A climate scientist based in the Netherlands, Dirk has been researching air and ice interaction for two decades, how climate affects the ice sheet... and relaying this information to politicians and people in positions of power, but the solutions arrived too slowly, which led to him wanting to do more back for the planet. He says “Greenland Trees is a more direct way to give back to nature.”

Faezeh M. Nick: A climate scientist originally from Iran, she has spent the last 15 years doing glacier research, but two years ago altered her career to create a foundation to begin saving the soil. As an Arctic scientist, she joined efforts due to her passion for Greenland trying to drawdown carbon, involving local people and educating children.

We hope you enjoy this conversation and begin following our podcast, for more insightful chats with the women and men who make our expeditions so unique, and who share their passion for our planet with us.


Thank you Faezeh, Dirk and Jason for taking the time to visit us and participate in this interview, and for what you are doing to help our planet breathe again.