Expedition voyage from Finland to Copenhagen on board Ocean Albatros.

Ruling the Baltic Sea has been the goal of Nordic kings, German knights, and powerful merchants since the Middle Ages. One Danish King fulfilled his dream of power for a few years in the 14th century, whereas the Swedish Empire lasted for more than a hundred years until it broke up at the peace negotiations in 1721. And throughout these eras the Hanseatic League drew strong economic threads between the important trading cities of the Baltic Sea.

On this historical cruise onboard our new expedition vessel Ocean Albatros, we visit several islands that for shorter or longer periods were - or still are - Swedish. We take advantage of the ship's rubber rafts to get ashore in small ports, and we visit exciting and unheard-of islands that larger cruise ships cannot call in at. Ocean Albatros offers all the comfort and flexibility needed. The vessel’s unique and compact construction ensures unmatched stability in rough sea, as well as the lowest carbon emission of any expedition cruise vessel. 

We cruise from Turku in the Swedish-speaking part of Finland and take a course through the archipelago into the Gulf of Bothnia. We anchor off and visit the small Estonian island of Ruhnu Saar, where Swedish farmers and seal hunters lived for more than 600 years. From here we cross the Baltic Sea to Gotland and beautiful Visby, one of the most important trading towns in the mighty Hanseatic League. In Kalmar on the Swedish mainland, we stroll through ancient streets to the magnificent Kalmar Castle before we continue to the tiny island Christiansø and finally to Svaneke port which allows for an excursion to the famous Hammershus on the island of Bornholm.

The voyage ends in central Copenhagen, where we disembark just besides the famous Little Mermaid.

Our visits ashore are organized with a focus on hikes and city walks. Most days we walk from the landing pier and into interesting and historic town centres or landscapes along the way. The hikes will have a length of three to six kilometres. Albatros' tour guides accompany the guests in small groups, or even explore the areas on your own.