There are few wilder, more magnificent and untouched places than the islands of the North Atlantic! And no ships more suited than Ocean Albatros for such a voyage. On this adventure, we cover wondrous islands in Scotland, the Faeroe Islands, and Iceland.

Cruising from Scotland to the lush green islands of Orkney, Shetland, The Faroes, and Iceland, this 9-day spring adventure rewards us with fair-lighted days and matchless landscapes and seascapes. Migrating birds, dolphins, and whales are only some of the sights we expect in this cruise.

Our journey begins on the Scottish East Coast in Aberdeen, where we embark on Albatros Expeditions’ modern vessel the Ocean Albatros, our home for the next 9 days. 

Our first stop is Kirkwall, the fascinating capital of Orkney, an archipelago known for its sandstone cliffs and Neolithic cities. Next up is the Shetland islands, with the cozy town Lerwick and later a stop at the isle of Noss with its many varied bird species. We sail further north to the Faroe Islands, where Tórshavn, its capital and largest town, awaits us.  We follow the Faroe Islands rugged coasts further and make a call at Klaksvik, which allows us to explore these pristine islands even more. After these days full of culture, history, whiskies, and bird life, it’s time to head out on The North Atlantic sea and scout for whales and wildlife.  After a quick stop at Djúpivogur, a small town and municipality located on a peninsula in the Austurland region in eastern Iceland, we will approach the Westman island of Surtsey, a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site and youngest island in the world, and spend an exciting day in Heimaey, the largest island of the archipelago, before arriving to our destination, Icelands capital: Reykjavík. 

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