Discover one of the world's most beautiful, wild and pristine natural areas in the huge North Greenland National Park. On this unique Albatros expedition cruise, we will venture far from the usual tourist routes and visit places where only true expeditioners and scientists travel. Here we will experience unspoiled Arctic landscapes with good chances of seeing polar bears, whales and musk oxen.

Heading out from Reykjavík, our first call is the isolated Inuit community, Ittoqqortoormiit. From here we navigate into the overwhelming Kong Oskar Fjord, which acts as a gateway for the North Greenland National Park, the world's largest nature reserve.

Navigating the sheltered interior of the national park’s fjord system, we are likely to enjoy stable September weather with clear skies and distant visibility. Snow dusts the mountain tops, and the supernatural wonders of Aurora Borealis can be seen at night. We make landings at century old hunting stations in breathtaking landscapes, as our ship navigates north around Ella and Ymer Islands into Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord. On the southbound voyage we aim for the dramatic Blosseville Coast. The last day will be at sea, enjoying lectures from Albatros’ expedition team – or getting glimpses of sea birds migrating south. 

This is a true Expedition Voyage, with landings in harsh and pristine nature, abundant wild life – and compulsory permits needed from both national park authorities and the Arctic military patrol Sirius, who acts as national park officers. Albatros Expeditions and our expedition team onboard have huge experience, having navigated these remote fjords for more than 20 years. There are few wilder, more magnificent and untouched places than the Northeast Greenland National Park! And even fewer ships better suited than our Ocean Albatros for such a voyage.

Facts about NORTHEAST GREENLAND - into the National Park 2023
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