On this epic 18-day voyage through the Southern Ocean onboard Ocean Albatros, we explore breathtaking Antarctica before heading via the Antarctic Sound and Weddell Sea for an extended visit to the incredible isle of South Georgia. The adventure ends in the vibrant Uruguayan capital of Montevideo.

Departing Argentina's southernmost city of Ushuaia, we cross the mighty Drake Passage en-route to the South Shetland Islands, aiming to arrive on the afternoon of the third day of our voyage (weather permitting). The unique X-Bow design of our expedition vessels offers exceptional stability at sea, giving you a smoother ride across some of Earth's most challenging waters, while the vessels' speed allows us to maximise our time in Antarctica to offer a superlative exploration experience. 

Continuing southward from the South Shetland Islands, we will delve deeper into the inlets and bays of the Antarctic Peninsula, entering the famous Gerlache Strait, where glittering ice cliffs and precipitous peaks rise straight out of the frigid water. Icebergs, glaciers, mountains and rugged snowfields characterise this wildly beautiful alien landscape. Continuing towards the east, we will explore the mighty tabular icebergs of the Antarctic Sound at the mouth of the Weddell Sea in search of wildlife.

Sailing eastwards between Elephant Island and South Georgia we follow the route made famous by legendary explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, who sailed the 1300 km course through treacherous seas to save his stranded crew. South Georgia is one of world’s greatest natural wonders. The vast penguin colonies, seal-filled seas and albatross-packed skies have to be seen to be believed. Wildlife-packed beaches, nature-reclaimed whaling stations and perhaps even a visit to Shackleton’s final resting place are some of the options available to us. This voyage spends the longest of all our voyages in South Georgia, allowing us to explore in much greater depth. 

On our last leg we sail for Montevideo, the vibrant capital of Uruguay. Watch the mercury rise as we sail into the tropics, and a suite of whales, dolphins and albatross pass by the vessel. One of South America's most distinctive cities, Montevideo offers incredible wine and dining, sunny days on the beach, or simply relax sipping a yerba mate and soaking up the Rioplatense vibe.

Make sure you reserve your place on this fantastic journey in good time, as we only cruise this route once during the season!

Facts about The Epic Antarctica and South Georgia Adventure
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