Available for the "In the Wake of Eric the Red" and "Greenland - Disko Bay" voyages. The excursions can be preordered or bought onboard pending of availability.

Discover huge iceberg pushing towards the mouth of the Kangia Icefjord, and breaching their way into the Disko Bay. Get to see the very small settlement of Ilimanaq just south of the ice fjord, and if you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of the many whales in the bay on your way back to Ilulissat. We fly Vulcanair Partenavia P68 airplanes. These airplanes are ideal for the purpose of sightseeing flights. Being high wing mounted with large windows at each seat, you have the perfect conditions for taking pictures and bringing your memories back home, as well as giving you a clear view of the landscape. The Partenavia can carry up to 5 passengers plus the pilot Duration: approx. 40 min.