Between the fringes of Greenland’s gigantic ice cap and icy waters lies Kangerlussuaq’s magnificent tundra. It’s home to many terrestrial species including Greenland’s largest concentration of musk oxen, as well as reindeer, the highly-adaptive Arctic fox, polar bears, hares, the illusive Arctic wolf and multitudes of birdlife. Here, the Arctic flora’s soft and dramatic palate of natural hues accent the contrastingly rough terrain.

With a fjord on one side and the massive Greenland Ice Sheet bordering the other, Kangerlussuaq is surprisingly one of the most ice-free tracks of land in all of Greenland. Its location is a paradise for both reindeer and musk oxen, who thrive in this environment due to the relatively mild, stable and dry climate and the abundance of food.

With a bit of luck, one can observe musk oxen roaming freely in their natural habitat around Kangerlussuaq and learn about these incredible creatures. Musk oxen can be aggressive and charge without warning, so we are unable to confirm how closely we can observe their behavior. However, a guide will always bring a pair of binoculars, ensuring you have a chance to watch these impressive animals.

During our outings, we will also be on the lookout for other wildlife in the area, such as reindeer, and learn about the tundra’s vegetation and flowering plants, including the dense scrub that grows on the south-facing rocky slopes and the wooded thickets of arctic willow that thrive along the rivers and streams.

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