Feel nature’s veritable strength amidst a Greenlandic summer or winter. Stay overnight on the Greenland Ice Sheet. Brave the blustery winds and snowfall for an opportunity to witness the stunning northern lights and the stillness of endless ice. 

The chance to overnight on the Greenlandic Ice Sheet is typically reserved for research and expedition purposes, but to join our special camping experience, one need not be a glaciologist or die-hard adventurer! All that is required to join  is your sense of adventure and the pursuit of a unique life experience.

Only two ice sheets exist in the world, namely in Antarctica and in Greenland, where the settlement of Kangerlussuaq is fortunate to enjoy a distinguishing feature – it is the only place in Greenland where you can literally drive to the Greenland Ice Sheet and it is situated only 25 km from Kangerlussuaq! From all other locations in Greenland, you must hike, sail or fly.


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Facts about Greenland Ice Cap