A network of waterways flowing into the fjord attract large schools of Arctic Char, which migrate along the fjord’s coast and up the rivers from June to late September, making Kangerlussuaq an ideal location for a fishing adventure!

The river of glacial meltwater attracts anglers, who enjoy the surprising, rapid response of Greenland’s aggressive Arctic Char and the often lengthy battles that can ensue between fish and fisher.

With the rising of the tide, the concentration of Arctic Char swimming upstream from the fjord drastically increases. There are several good fishing spots along the river and within the neighboring runoffs. One of the best, where a bite is virtually guaranteed, lies 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) upriver at the waterfall. As the fish first start biting, the angler’s real work begins! Come prepared, as these fish are relentless fighters.

If you opt to keep one or more of your beautiful catches, our chef can help prepare the fish over an open fire during mealtime.

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