Dog sledding is a "must-do" during the Greenlandic winter. It’s more than a rhythmic ride using the power of pack dogs and sled technology that is over 4,000 years old, but also a glimpse into Inuit culture and the years of mastery required of mushers. Together with the sled driver, you can experience the rugged, fascinating nature, where man, animal and wilderness merge in perfect harmony.

Dog sledding is a meaningful part of Greenlandic culture and is a traditional, age-old form of transportation that has been used by the Inuit for centuries when the landscape becomes otherwise impassable beneath blankets of snow and ice.

The trip can be quite challenging at times and guests should be in good health and condition. Due to the rough and unpredictable terrain, including ascents and descents, we do not recommend this tour for people who have back problems.

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Facts about Dog Sledding