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Exploring the seven seas since 1994


Welcome to small expedition cruising with Albatros Expeditions. With ice-strengthened hulls, our small ships provide access to the most remote polar regions in the Arctic and Antarctica. Travel with heart, mind and attitude to the most distant corners of the world.

With over 30 years of operational expertise in the Nordic countries, Arctic and Antarctica, here at Albatros Expeditions, we pride ourselves on being specialists in what we do.

We believe the primary focus of an expedition cruise is to experience the distinctive nature along the route, and to broaden one's horizons across borders and cultures.

For this purpose, our expedition cruise team consists of former expedition leaders, biologists and professionals who have extensive knowledge of Polar Regions and a passion for exploration. Their knowledge has been amassed over decades, and we are therefore able to provide you with specially crafted expedition cruises that are out of the ordinary.

Our specialist knowledge of polar exploration extends from the furthest reaches in the Arctic territory's Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard; then crisscrosses the globe to Antarctica. We don't just know the history of these regions and the lesser travelled footpaths, but also the names of the flora and fauna that make the Arctic and Antarctica unique.

Furthermore, our small expedition ships have a distinct advantage over larger, traditional cruise ships -- they  can access narrow inlets and sail close to shore, in-between icebergs and into remote waters, permitting us to disembark quickly via our fleet of Zodiac watercraft and access amazing sites with greater speed and efficiency.

In the spirit of pioneering explorers, we look forward to setting sail with you to discover the rich history, unique cultures, raw beauty and rare wildlife of these Polar Regions.

Choosing Albatros Expeditions is choosing locally. We add a local touch, a familiar feel and just that extra service to make the trip not just a holiday, but an adventure for life.

Welcome aboard!

Søren Rasmussen
Biologist, Expedition Leader, Founder and Owner of Albatros Expeditions



Why choose Albatros Expeditions?

  • Small ships - enabling access areas not possible with larger vessels
  • Ice-strengthened hulls and keels enabling sailing in polar conditions
  • Over 20 years of polar expertise and intimate knowledge of the Polar Regions, plus a main office in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
  • Experienced and knowledgeable expedition leaders with years of experience in the Polar Regions
  • Numerous information briefings and lectures about travel in the Arctic and Antarctica

About Albatros Travel

Albatros Expeditions is owned and operated by Albatros Travel, a Danish travel company founded by biologist, Søren Rasmussen. Read about his recent trip to the North Pole.

Established in 1986 and with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, Albatros Travel employs more than 200 people and has branches in China, India, Kenya, South Africa and Greenland. Initially focused on Africa, Albatros Travel is a market leader in Scandinavia and offers tours and cruises throughout the world, as well as possessing the Albatros Adventure brand, arranging long distance runs in exotic locations, such as the Greenland ice cap and the Great Wall of China.

The company also has its own refitted luxury cruise ships sailing voyagers to the more isolated corners of the Polar Regions. A family company, Albatros Travel remains privately owned and has been awarded the AA credit rating for the financial security of its operations.

Berit Willumsgaard and Søren Rasmussen, geographer and biologist, respectively, are the owners of Albatros Travel. They have led many safaris in Africa and cruises around Greenland, Svalbard, the Northwest Passage and the Antarctic. Apart from leading numerous expeditions for many years, they are also an integral part of the route planning and logistics. 

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